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2024 Case Results

Here are some of our recent, successful outcomes in 2024 for our clients, in chronological order (most recent first): 

March 5, 2024
Malden District Court
CHARGES: Strangulation/ Suffocation, Assault and Battery on a Family/ Household Member. Our client was arrested for these charges after his apartment building's security found his girlfriend outside of his apartment, her head bleeding, blood on the walls, and she was accusing him of a brutal attack. He was released on a very high bail, and hired Urbelis Law. Attorney Urbelis's investigation uncovered a different version of events, and our client decided to take the case to trial. 
RESULT: The Commonwealth called our client's ex girlfriend as their primary witness, and through cross- examination Attorney Urbelis exposed a much different account that she had initially reported to police. Our client was acquitted of both charges, and his bail was returned to him. 

March 1, 2024
Boston Municipal Court, Central Division
APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL COMPLAINT: Our client was a 21 year old Northeastern student. After some contentious text messages between his ex- girlfriend and some of her new male friends, our client allegedly made his way to her building, forced his way past security, and forced his way into her dorm to find these men. The Northeastern Police applied for a criminal complaint against our client for Breaking and Entering with intent to commit a misdemeanor, and the ex girlfriend obtained a restraining order. Our client and his parents hired Urbelis Law. Their biggest concern was of course the effect that any criminal charges would have on our client's future. Attorney Urbelis carefully handled the case, and discovered that our client had been dealing with some underlying mental health issues at the time. While there was not supporting evidence to claim or plead "insanity", there was sufficient mitigating circumstances to achieve a just result. 
RESULT: After a thorough clerk magistrate's hearing, we were able to avoid any formal criminal charges being pressed against our client, conditioned upon him abiding by the restraining order through its expiration in 9 months. His record remains clean. 

February 22, 2024
Quincy District Court
APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL COMPLAINT: Our client received notice of a magistrate's hearing, after the Weymouth Police Department applied for a criminal complaint against him for Assault and Battery on a Family/ Household Member. He hired Urbelis Law. After Attorney Urbelis filed his notice of appearance with the court, he obtained the application and police reports. A bar at which the defendant and his former girlfriend were at, arguing, called the police when they say that our client's elbow struck her face. The police interviewed the ex girlfriend, who said that the elbowing was not intentional, although police noticed a bruise on her face. Surveillance video convinced the police that the incident was NOT an accident, but rather intentional, so they applied for a criminal complaint. 
RESULT: After a clerk magistrate's hearing, we were able to have the application denied, and our client was not charged with a crime. 

February 21, 2024
Malden District Court
CHARGES: Operating with a Suspended License for Operating Under the Influence (OAS for OUI), Operating with a Suspended License. If convicted, our client would be required to serve at least the minimum mandatory of 60 days in jail. She was 25 years old bartender, taking classes to earn her associates degree in dental hygiene. The district attorney's office was not willing to dismiss this more serious of the two charges.
RESULT: After 6 months of litigation by Attorney Urbelis, our motion to dismiss both charges was allowed by the court. 

February 8, 2024
Suffolk Superior Court
INDICTMENTS: Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon causing serious bodily injury (ABDW- SBI), Operating Under the Influence causing serious bodily injury (OUI- SBI). Our client was indicted by a grand jury after a horrific accident which left a 25 year old woman unconscious, hospitalized for 3 weeks, and with permanent injuries. Police on scene performed field sobriety tests on our client, and believed that he was intoxicated. He admitted to having a few beers, and that he was coming from the local strip club. Witnesses, surveillance, and a dash cam of a Lyft driver enabled the state police accident reconstruction team to determine that our client was accelerating from zero to 49 mph in under 5 seconds at the time he struck the pedestrian- victim, in the South End of Boston, during the busy hours of a Saturday night. The OUI- SBI charge carried a minimum mandatory sentence of 180 days in the house of corrections, up to 10 years in state prison. He hired Urbelis Law.
RESULT: While Attorney Urbelis tried to negotiate a plea to take the OUI- SBI off the table, the district attorney's office would not do so, and in fact recommended at least a 2 year prison sentence due to the victim's injuries. Attorney Urbelis and his client were unwilling to accept that, believing that the evidence was insufficient relating to his impairment. They took both indictments to trial, and Attorney Urbelis was able to have his client's bar receipt from the strip club excluded as evidence, meaning it was never considered at trial. Our client was acquitted of the more serious OUI- SBI indictment. He was found guilty of ABDW- SBI due to the reckless nature of his driving with the dangerous weapon (motor vehicle) that caused serious injuries, and he was sentenced to serve six months in the house of corrections. However, because there is no minimum mandatory on this indictment, he will be eligible for parole in just 90 days.

January 10, 2024
Marlborough District Court
APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL COMPLAINT: Our client was a pharmacy employee, and the Marlborough Police Department applied for an application for criminal complaint against him for Larceny of Drugs. He was accused of stealing prescription drugs from his employer, and the alleged incident was caught on surveillance camera. After hiring Urbelis Law, attorney Lorraine Belostock was able to convince the clerk-magistrate that despite the surveillance footage, there were mitigating circumstances in favor of her client.
RESULT: After a clerk magistrate's hearing, we were able to have the application denied, and our client was not charged with a crime. 

January 31, 2024
Falmouth District Court
CHARGES: Our client was charged with operating to endanger, and leaving the scene of property damage. She hired Urbelis Law, and Attorney Urbelis represented her through disposition of the case. While balancing the criminal ramifications, Attorney Urbelis worked with our client's insurance company to promptly resolve the restitution for the other party, putting our client in a better position to resolve the criminal case.
RESULT: Our client was given a general continuance on the criminal case; as long as she stays out of trouble for 90 days, the case ends in a complete dismissal, with no admission of wrongdoing.
Client Reviews
"Ben Urbelis recently represented me in an OUI case in which I had crashed my car. I honestly did not believe I had any chance of beating it, but fortunately for me Ben was outstanding and all charges were dropped. In my first hearing he was calm, assertive and straight to the point. I was extremely impressed and satisfied. I left my hearing feeling confident that I had made the right choice of hiring him. I am positive I would have lost this case and walked away with an OUI if I hadn't. I am very happy with how he handled my case and how reassured I felt having him as my lawyer." MC
"Benjamin Urbelis, an attorney with Urbelis Law LLC, took our call late in the evening when we needed him. Benjamin explained the legal process in a manner that we could understand and provided the legal representation needed to clear up the issue immediately. His experience and credentials were evident in the way in which he handled all of the details of our case and achieved complete success. Thank you Benjamin for your professionalism and wise counsel." FB
"Huge thank you to not only my friend, but my lawyer,Ben Urbelis..I presented him with a case that at first was a bit tricky on paper... but we worked hard together and got all information we needed to prove i was innocent! He knew from the get go a year ago that he was gonna smash this case, and he did!! Cant thank you enough man! If anyone needs a lawyer, hes your guy... no question" PB