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Recent Testimonials

"I was going through a rough divorce. During this time my ex had filed false charges against me. Rape charges! My divorce attorney recommended me to get in touch with Ben. Knowing the severity of the case Ben outlined for me what could or could not happen. He made sure I knew what was at stake. As the case progressed he kept me up to date with the process and kept me calm when things were important. Made sure that I looked like I was in control of my emotions, which I realize is important but can be very difficult when you're the one being pointed at. Thankfully we won the case at trial and I have been able to put that nightmare behind me. I was glad i had him by my side. I would recommend Ben If you need someone next to you to defend and control the proceedings you're going to be going through."

- AW

"My experience with Ben was great. Not only is he incredibly intelligent but he makes you feel comfortable during a situation where you most likely never want to be in. He keeps you up to speed with everything going on in your case and always gives a straight answer when you have questions. Highly recommended!"

- BP

"I have used Ben twice & referred him to friends. He is by far the best. He was honest with me about everything, answered any questions I had & made a difficult time much easier to go through. Ben was beyond prepared & blew me away with his work defending me. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome & friends who used him also agree. If you’re in a tough situation I highly recommend calling Ben!"

- KP

"Ben Urbelis recently represented me in an OUI case in which I had crashed my car. I honestly did not believe I had any chance of beating it, but fortunately for me Ben was outstanding and all charges were dropped. In my first hearing he was calm, assertive and straight to the point. I was extremely impressed and satisfied. I left my hearing feeling confident that I had made the right choice of hiring him. I am positive I would have lost this case and walked away with an OUI if I hadn't. I am very happy with how he handled my case and how reassured I felt having him as my lawyer."

- MC

"Benjamin Urbelis, an attorney with Urbelis Law LLC, took our call late in the evening when we needed him. Benjamin explained the legal process in a manner that we could understand and provided the legal representation needed to clear up the issue immediately. His experience and credentials were evident in the way in which he handled all of the details of our case and achieved complete success. Thank you Benjamin for your professionalism and wise counsel."

- FB

"I was recommended to Attorney Ben Urbelis by a mutual friend for a DUI case.. I would like to say that I could not have been happier with not only the result of my case, Not Guilty, but his professionalism and my overall experience. He did an excellent job outlining all the possible outcomes of the case. Being that I was very nervous, he still made me feel calm and confident in our approach through the duration of the case. He was almost available anytime I needed a question answered, and if he wasn't always returned my call in a timely manner. Not once did I have to worry about getting in contact with him. He was able to get me a not guilty finding in a short amount of time, from what I have heard of other similar cases (under 6 months). In short, I would recommend Attorney Urbelis to anyone for any sort of legal counsel, and can't thank him enough."

- SF

"I was recently charged with an OUI. I had heard of Ben Urbelis through a friend and knew that I had to give him a call. After my consultation with Ben I knew that he was confident and driven. Ben actually had asked me to provide very little outside of a police report and a couple character witnesses. I had also noticed that Ben had done a lot of leg work between court dates to keep me posted on the latest news with the courts dealings of OUI cases.

When we did go to trial I was blown away by Bens courtroom presence and his ability to win over a jury. When cross examining the prosecutions witness he completely cast doubt on the case against me and was a true professional while doing so. Needless to say I received a Not Guilty finding and had my license reinstated on the spot. Ben was complimented by the judge at the conclusion of the trial.

Ben is truly hungry to make his mark and wanted to win as bad as I did. There is no other OUI defense attorney I would recommend."

- DB

"Huge thank you to not only my friend, but my lawyer,Ben Urbelis..I presented him with a case that at first was a bit tricky on paper... but we worked hard together and got all information we needed to prove i was innocent! He knew from the get go a year ago that he was gonna smash this case, and he did!! Cant thank you enough man! If anyone needs a lawyer, hes your guy... no question"

- PB

Recent "Thank You" Letters and Emails

"I would just like to thank you for your very professional and hard work on my case. You made me feel like my case was important and also kept me informed the whole way through. Even when the DA tried to make a deal I appreciated that you told me not to, and won the motion to suppress my statement from the police report. leading to the OUI - Drug case getting dropped. I am truly greatful for having you on my side. Thank you again."

- NR

"Dear Ben,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your firm for your professional legal advises and representation.

Members of my family have also asked me to pass on their sincere appreciation for your efforts and support during this ordeal.

I very much appreciate your representation; your skills in navigating the legal system bear a positive fruition in court.

On both a professional and a personal level, I really appreciated the time that you took taking my calls and lending a listening ear, you explaining the likely scenarios and alleviate my fears.

Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic representation in conference, I have no doubt that the outcome would not have been the success that it was without your presence and tenacity in seeing a just conclusion in my favor.

Please keep in touch, and it would be an honor to recommend you and your firm to others in need of your professional legal services. "

- EW


I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. The weight of the world is off my shoulders now that I was found "Not Guilty" by the jury. From the first time I met with you, I felt confident that you were the one to hire, and thank God I did. You knew exactly how to approach everything and your staff was helpful too. I knew I was in good hands and felt great about having you handle everything from there on out. You were an honest professional the whole way through and I will certainly recommend your services to anyone in the future who comes across hard times as I did. Thanks again."

- SS

"Dear Ben,

I would just like to express my gratitude for all your hard work, dedication and professionalism regarding my case. You were a true professional every step of the way, from my arraignment to my second pretrial hearing. You kept my family and I feeling confident through the eventual successful outcome.

I was most impressed with your knowledge, confidence and tenacity in the courtroom. When the judge said she wouldn't accept the agreement that you worked out with the prosecutor, I thought I was done, and I thought I was looking at jail time and having to register with SORB. When you refused to give up, I could not believe how hard you had worked on my case and how determined you were to save me, and I couldn't believe the judge changed her mind once you were done with your argument, giving us what we wanted.

If I ever need legal services in the future, you will be the first one I call. Your fee was more than reasonable and you were always available when I had questions. You went above and beyond for me and I can't thank you enough."

- NS

"When I found myself charged with my 3rd DUI I was certain without a doubt that I was facing 6 months to 2 1/2 years in state prison. I can’t believe you were able to guide me calmly through the whole nerve wracking process, never sugar coating anything, staying honest and always keeping me informed the whole time. I still can’t believe that in the end you pulled off a miracle to avoidany jail time. I would recommend you to anyone in the same situation. Thank you so much. You saved me.”

- JL

"After unfortunately finding myself in the position of an OUI charge, I will always be grateful of a referral to your office. As a first time offender in any sense of the law, I was not only worried, but also uneducated on how the system would work and what options I had going forward with my case. You were a true professional in every sense of the word from taking a free consultation call on a Sunday, to showing up to court within 24 hours of our first contact.

From that point on, the entire process with you was very smooth, collaborative and comforting. Being able to move the case to trial quickly, along with your research, work effort and general court education was beyond impressive, and clearly what led up to the eventual "Not Guilty" verdict. I already have and will recommend your services to anyone in the future that find themselves in similar situations."

- DW

"Thank you for your excellent representation in this matter. Coming from out of town, it wasreassuringto have an attorney who was so well organized and on top of the process. It was very clear that the judge was not only familiar with you, but had a great deal of respect for you in the courtroom. I appreciate all the effort you put into my case, and thank you again for a successful representation!"

- RC

It has taken me a few days to fully comprehend thatthe motion was successful and my record is sealed. Thank you so much for your expertise and professionalism. When thejudge asked about the proceedings if a second incident ever occurred (which it never will!) I was so impressed that you could quote chapter and verse onthe rules and educate the prosecutor!

Many many thanks. I feel like the weight of the world is off my back. While I fervently hope that none of my family and friends ever need an attorney for such a situation, you would certainly be the first person I would suggest.

Best wishes to you and your family!"

- LL

"Hi Ben,
Just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for your help today. You don't know how much I appreciate it! If myself or anyone I know ever needs the type of services you offer in the future, I will be sure to refer them to you.

Thanks again and have a good week."

- ES