Police Interviews/ Questioning

If you are contacted by police and asked to go to the station for questioning, your worst mistake would be to go without a lawyer. If the police are requesting you to come in for questioning, they probably don’t have enough evidence to charge you with a crime, so let’s keep it that way! If you voluntarily go to the station to answer questions, police aren’t required to give Miranda warnings. They also aren’t required to tell you the truth about ANYTHING. They can lie or mislead you about their investigation in order to elicit information from you. They might say that you are not a suspect when that is not the case. They might tell you that they already have information to implicate you in the crime, when that is not the case. Sometimes a police interview can be beneficial, but only a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you determine how best to proceed, and the attorney should ALWAYS be with you during any police interview to make sure that your rights are protected.

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