Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV/DMV) Hearings

In Massachusetts, all motor vehicle license issues are administered through the RMV. While certain license suspensions are mandated by statute, there are very often procedural or legal issues that can trigger an improper suspension. If you are facing a license suspension, it is important for a skilled defense attorney to fully analyze your situation. Whether you are facing an initial suspension in front of a hearings officer, or a more complex matter in front of the RMV Board of Appeals, we will help you every step of the way. Whether you are facing a suspension for an OUI charge, multiple moving violations, or even a non-motor vehicle drug charge, we will work to get your license back as soon as possible. We also handle all document preparation and representation at hardship license hearings.

WE REPRESENT CLIENTS AT THE RMV EVERY WEEK. We are known as zealous advocates for our clients throughout the RMV appeals process. We are familiar with the laws, and will make sure that you are treated fairly. Showing up to an RMV hearing with a skilled attorney demonstrates to the hearings officer that you are taking the matter seriously and that your rights to operate a motor vehicle WILL be protected.

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