Warrant Removals

If you believe that there is a warrant for your arrest, it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. If you have an outstanding warrant, you run the risk of being arrested anywhere, at any time. You could be driving in your car, obeying all traffic laws, and find yourself getting pulled over, dragged out of the car, arrested and your car towed if the police happen to run your plates (which they do routinely). The longer you wait to have your warrant cleared up, the greater likelihood that you will be held on bail, as the judge may find you to have willfully disregarded the Massachusetts justice system.

A warrant for your arrest may issue for a variety of reasons, ranging from probable cause to believe that you committed a felony, to missing jury duty, to missing a payment to the court or a probation appointment. Regardless of the situation, a warrant will have unintended collateral consequences, including the suspension of your driver’s license. Now, with an outstanding warrant, you might unknowingly be driving with a suspended license, which will trigger another criminal charge. Even if the entire situation is based on a misunderstanding, judges have heard every excuse in the book. By trying to explain your situation to the judge, you may end up incriminating yourself or making the situation worse- we see it all the time. It’s better to have a skilled defense attorney fully evaluate the facts and circumstances to provide you with proper representation.

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